Kangaroo property


Kangaroo Strata Management provides a complete management service to all types of strata schemes.

Our service covers the major areas identified by the Strata Schemes Management Act which are briefly outlined below.


  • By law implementation and enforcement
  • Maintenance and repairs of the common property
  • Financial management including annual budget preparation and levy collection
  • Insurance policy renewal, claims submission and arrangement of valuations
  • Record keeping including maintenance of the strata roll and minute book
  • Financial statements issued quarterly and annual summary
  • General meetings including attendance and preparation and issuing of notices
  • By law implementation and enforcement

Additionally our service extends to advice and assistance on compliance with the more than 50 other pieces of legislation governing the day to day operation of a typical strata scheme.

Our written quotation, which can be either sent in a hard copy by post or emailed, provides detailed information on our complete range of services.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any clarification you may require.