At Kangaroo, we take care of your property like our own. Our focus is mainly centred upon two aspects – connecting the property with people and people with property. At Kangaroo, our highly professional dedicated services are customised to suit your every need – making strata relatively easy for you. We always believe in following a proactive approach so that we can properly manage your property. To better serve your needs, we have appointed a team of specialists who will provide you personalised Strata Management services so that your property remains in good hands. At Kangaroo, we believe in providing you top-notch extensive services relating to finance, administration and social services.

Financial Management

  • Statements We will prepare financial accounts in accordance with the Australian Standards, following proper state and federal legislation and regulations.
  • Cash Management Report We will provide cash management report as required giving a comprehensive list of all incomes and expenditures so that you can properly manage your cash.
  • Defaulter Control We will monitor debtors for all properties and we have a proven track record in reducing large levy debts.

Administrative Management

At Kangaroo, we provide Administrative Management Services as well. These include:

  • Maintenance of common property Our appointed managers will inspect the properties carefully identifying areas that need repairs, maintenance etc.
  • Insurance We will lodge all insurance claims and follow up on their progress.
  • Settlement of disputes We will assist you in mediating disputes within your community so that everyone in the strata community can live together in peace and harmony.
  • Documentation All Owners Corporation documentation is maintained in accordance with the relevant state and federal legislation and regulations.

Social Management

At Kangaroo, we believe in peace and harmony. Our approach is to bring people together to discuss their views in an open and comfortable environment so that everyone feels valued within the community. We will take proper actions on every task that needs to be addressed so that your collective property is looked after seamlessly.

Not only that, we put a strong emphasis on honesty and integrity as well. Kangaroo maintains professional honesty in all strata dealings through effective communication and transparency. We continuously endeavour to improve our operations so that any changes in strata regulations are met, thus ensuring your investment is in great hands!